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You could be part of a creative community that supports professional growth

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You're motivated to achieve your dream of creating a business that brings you joy, but you're not sure where to start. Or maybe you've been doing it for so long that you've lost sight of what keeps you inspired and feel stuck. It's easy to be intimidated and overwhelmed by what it takes to keep a business running. I want to help you create a foundation to set realistic goals and help you achieve them one small step at a time. 

What if you could run a successful creative business, while being fulfilled by your passion?

could be achieved?

WHAT IF the business you've dreamed of

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COMING SOON! An online photography course designed for established digital photographers looking to add the medium of film to their creative process. Film photography is a wonderful tool with a unique aesthetic to make your photography stand out.

fine art film basics


Every film stock has a different way of rendering color and light. I'll be sharing the difference in each film stock that I use.

Film Stocks

lesson 3

Getting started with film photography and honing your skills with a minimal investment in photography gear and accessories.

Film Gear

lesson 2

Introduction to basic film characteristics and the aesthetic of film. Why I choose to shoot the medium of film as a professional artist. 


lesson 1

You've shot your first roll of film, but you're not done yet. Choosing a film lab and your developing preferences play a big role in creating the final results of your digital film scans.


lesson 6

Now that you've learned the basics, here's the fun part! Put everything you've learned so far to the test and take your first film photos!

Shooting Film

lesson 5

I quickly learned that getting the correct exposure on film can be tricky. I'll be sharing my process for metering light and exposure, so that you can skip the trial and error of finding the sweet spot of film.

Metering & Rating

lesson 4

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In addition to online course access, you'll also have the opportunity to interact with fellow course attendees through a private facebook group for Fine Art Film Basics. Share your journey and learn from other photographers, ask for advice, or critiques as you practice with film. 

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The full one-on-one mentoring package includes the same in-person half day training session, along with a styled shoot to demonstrate shooting & posing techniques. Customized for each client through a client assessment questionnaire.

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The basic mentoring package is a half-day training session, covering business and photography topics of your choice. Customized for each client through a client assessment questionnaire. Session is 4 hours long and takes place in person or
via Skype.

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The mini one-on-one session covers business and/or photography topics of your choice through a one hour Skype session. Customized for each client through a client assessment questionnaire. Recommended for a variety of creative business owners.

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There are many elements that make up a strong business. I want to help you make great strides in your business by building a foundation for your brand. I find the most helpful topics for mentoring are branding, marketing, productivity, client experience, social media, networking, targeting ideal clients, and portfolio review. Popular photography topics are film shooting, posing, lighting, composition, finding your voice, editing for hybrid photography, and curating your online portfolio & website.

Learn a solid foundation of photography techniques & business strategies that will put you on the right path now and years to come

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